About us

ASTHA PROJECTS strongly believes that renewable energy is quintessential for the country’s economic growth without hampering the environment. Therefore, our company aims at developing clean energy from water, wind and solar energy. Currently, the group’s focus is on developing small hydro power plants.

Small hydro power plants have numerous advantages. Practically, they do not emit any harmful gases into the environment for the purpose of generating electricity. After generating electricity, the same water can be re-used for irrigation, drinking, sanitation etc. Once set up, they are easy to operate. For run of the river type projects, there is barely any land submergence. Hence, fewer land acquisition and re-location problems.

The Company presently operates 10MW of Hydro power which include two 5MW’s small hydro power plants.
i) Upper Awa – 5MW S.H.E.P
ii) Dehar – 5MW S.H.E.P