Project Details

ASTHA PROJECTS presently operates 10MW of Hydro power which include two 5MW’s small hydro power plants.
i) Upper Awa – 5MW S.H.E.P
ii) Dehar – 5MW S.H.E.P

i) Upper Awa 5MW S.H.E.P:
The 5MW plant, with a gross head of 590 meters, is located in a very scenic location in the foothills of the Himalayas. Two pelton turbines are used for harnessing potential energy of water into electrical energy. Each unit has an installed capacity of 2.5MW. The power plant was commissioned in the year 2008. It is snow fed as well as rain fed.

ii) Dehar 5MW S.H.E.P:
This small hydro power plant, located in the district of Chamba, also has an installed capacity of 5MW. The power plant started generating electricity from Aug’04. It has a gross head of 300 meters and uses water from Dehar stream (generally referred to as Khad in the region).